Future of the Seychelles Environment

Future of the Seychelles Environment

What have we learnt and what is challenging the future of the Seychelles environment?

The Seychelles’ biodiversity is threatened by a number of risks challenging the successful implementation and management of these nationally important projects. These include achieving sustainability and balancing biodiversity conservation and national development. Climate change impacts are expected to affect the low lying areas of the country through sea level rise and could potentially affect biodiversity and the main production sectors. Importantly, the major future focus in sustainable environmental management will be in the adaptation of Seychelles and its people to the impacts of climate change and reducing the vulnerability of ecosystems, economies and livelihoods to the related impacts.

The availability of financial resources to implement biodiversity conservation plans both inside and outside of protected areas is a major constraint for sustainable environment management globally. The situation in Seychelles is no different and the gap needs to be efficiently addressed.

Local technical capacity identification and retention to ensure sustainability of environmental efforts is still a challenge.  A shortage of skills and technical ability locally means that building local capacity through project implementation may not be achieved as a result of the lack of required competence for sustainable environmental development and management, and to build community and ecosystem resilience to global issues having local impacts. There is increased need to build the local ability to maintain good practices in planning, policies and processes.

Achieving environmental sustainability and balancing environmental protection and economic development is the major challenge for the Seychelles and one which the PCU is strongly taking into consideration while fully implementing all of the UNDP / GEF projects in the Seychelles.

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