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UniSey’s wetland project gets a boost

Nation16.09.13 - As part of the BSc Environmental Science training at the University of Seychelles, students benefit from practical experience in addressing wetland issues using scientific and systematic approaches. Students enjoy hands-on experience, using specialist equipment deployed with due precision in a controlled working environment.

During a ceremony held at the GOS/UNDP/GEF office at Les Palmes building last week, UNDP programme manager for Mauritius and Seychelles Roland Alcindor, presented a range of equipment, including scientific microscopes, to Dr Sherley Marie, the Dean of the Faculty of Sciences at UniSey.

Mr Alcindor presenting Dr Shelley Marie with the equipments

Dr Marie said the equipment is designated for the BSc Environmental Science students. The students, who are working in collaboration with the wetlands unit of the Ministry of Education, have begun to compile a wetland inventory at one of Anse Royale’s major wetland areas next to the University of Seychelles campus. Discussions will also be held with an Anse Royale district team to help demarcate the wetland, as well as to eventually carry out selective replanting and control of invasive species.

The projects will not only benefit UniSey’s Environmental Science students but also improve water management for Anse Royale residents and deliver enhanced flood protection. As sea levels rise wetlands are seen as playing a key role in protecting their neighbouring areas. The project will also include practical activities which will involve the young citizens of the Anse Royale community.

The equipements UniSey recieved under the UND-GEF CB2 project

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