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Key partners presented with biodiversity assessment findings

Seychelles Nation 19.08.13 - Officials from the Ministry of Environment and Energy and other partners have been presented with the findings of the biodiversity assessment for the country.

This was during a workshop held recently at the Care House and organised by the Government of Seychelles, United Nations Development Programme, Global Environmental Facility (GOS/UNDP/GEF) programme coordination unit.

Representatives of the UNDP and the GOS/UNDP/GEF programme coordination unit were also present.
The key biodiversity assessment is entitled – Assessment of areas of high biodiversity for informed decision-making in future land use planning and management − has been carried out by a group of consultants.

Their tasks were to identify sites of biodiversity priority on the granitic islands of Seychelles with the aim of conducting new inventories and evaluating the conservation priorities of these areas.

Another aim was to provide recommendations for gap identification for future research.

The information collected from the assessment is set to be stored in environmental database as part of the knowledge management system development and also help in making informed decisions on the future use and management of land in Seychelles.

The biodiversity assessment has been produced thanks to the UNDP supported project which is funded by the GEF grant of US $3.6m – Mainstreaming biodiversity management into production sector activities − being carried out by the GOS/UNDP/GEF programme coordination unit.

Integrating biodiversity conservation into key production sectors of Seychelles’ economy is one of the project’s objectives.

One of the means of achieving this is to seek integration of biodiversity conservation in our land use planning and management.

Presentations given during the workshop included the introduction of the project, data compilation among others, after which discussions were held.

Participants of the KBA workshop

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