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Seychelles Nation 25-April-2017 - Around 50 teachers from all 25 primary schools across Seychelles took part in a workshop to get an in-depth knowledge about energy efficiency.

The workshop, organised under the GOS-UNDP-GEF Resource Efficiency Project in collaboration with the Seychelles Energy Commission (Sec) and the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development following the development of the teacher's guides, took place yesterday at the Seychelles Institute of Teacher Education (Site) auditorium, Mont Fleuri.

An official presentation of a con

signment of the teacher's guides and their CDs was held by the chief executive of Sec Tony Imaduwa to the principal secretary (PS) for education Dr Odile Decomarmond for distribution to all state schools.

The two teacher's guides on energy efficiency and renewable energy, one for primary and another for secondary levels, were presented to the teachers.

The guides, which have been designed with the aim of introducing and integrating energy efficiency in curriculum subjects across both the lower and upper levels, provide teachers with the resources and supporting materials for professional learning about energy efficiency and how to use it sustainably.

The guides comprise various information about energy, including energy efficiency and renewable energy, activities, figures, lessons and project ideas. They have been created in consultation with various key local stakeholders and education specialists.

Educating students on energy efficiency and renewable energy in schools is pivotal in supporting the government's vision of a clean and energy efficient Seychelles.

The opening of the workshop was led by Mr Imaduwa and there were various presentations led by Cynthia Alexander from Sec, Shane Emilie from the environmental education unit of the department of education, RE project manager Elaine Ernest and Michelle Martin from Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S).

There were two teachers representing each school and they were the maths and science coordinator and the upper primary English teacher.

Today a workshop on the secondary level will be held for two teachers from the head of department (HOD) for sciences and the HOD for languages.

Mr Emilie said this workshop is part of the key-result area of Seychelles energy education strategy and when a guide is created related to a national issue, the ministry of education trains the teachers on how to put the guide to optimal use.

"The teachers even learn how to develop lessons and projects based on ideas provided in the guide so that it facilitates the teaching of students while in school. They can even adjust it to their way of teaching," he said.

He said education is very important and school is the key area to raise more awareness to the younger generation so that tomorrow they can be part of managing our resources such as energy.

"The guide also reinforces the environmental education on energy in schools through the eco-schools programmes which has been running for more than 15 years in all state schools," he said.

 He said they expect the private schools to also get a copy of the guide although they are not registered for the eco-school programmes but it is important for them to use them as it relates to education on Seychelles.

Teachers during the training

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