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The Programme Coordination Unit of Seychelles (PCU) - a dynamic local management system for the GEF and UNDP national projects

To ensure a more effective monitoring of the GEF-funded portfolio of projects in Seychelles, the Government found it necessary to have a strong project coordination mechanism which led to the establishment of the Programme Coordination Unit (PCU) in 2008 with support from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The PCU oversees, supports, and coordinates all the different UNDP / GEF environmental projects and ensures an independent and effective facilitation between the different stakeholders (Government, private sector and civil society). It closely follows and coordinates with other (GEF and non-GEF) Environmental Projects, efficiently utilising its resources to achieve environmental sustainability and assists in the development of new UNDP–GEF projects for Seychelles.

The PCU is managed by a local team with support from some international technical experts as follows:

National Programme Coordinator & Chief Technical Advisor (CTA)

Mr. Andrew Grieserjohns                

Protected Areas Finance Project Manager Mr. Daig Romain
Protected Areas Finance & Econonmics Advisor Mr. Andrew Rylance
Photovoltaic Systems Project Manager Ms. Elke Talma
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change Project Manager Ms. Betty Seraphine
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change Scientific Technical Advisor Mr. James Millett
Ecosystem-Based Adaption to Climate Change Community Engagement Specialist Mrs. Betty Mondon
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change Engineer Hydrologist Mr. Johan Mendez Esteban
Ecosystem-Based Adaptation to Climate Change Driver Mr. Eldrick Adelaide
Outer Islands Project Manager Mrs. Joanna Prosper
Resource Efficiency Project Manager Ms. Elaine Ernesta
Resource Efficiency Technical Expert Mr. Tiago Queiroz Santos
Senior Finance Manager Mr. Norman Lucas
Account Assistant Ms. Fabrina Molle
Communications and PR Officer Ms. Line Mancienne
Programme Assistant Ms. Lisette Rose
Driver/Clerk Mr. Guylly Antat


The PCU is currently coordinating the implementation of a large portfolio of GEF projects responding to the Millennium Development Goal – ‘Ensuring Environmental Sustainability’ with a combined budget of over US$10 million, all under the three GEF focal areas for Seychelles as is highlighted in the below table:

Focus Area

Projects Objectives Partners























Protected Areas





















Climate Change




















Sustainable Land Management












Capacity Development

Mainstreaming Biodiversity Management into Production Sector Activities (the BD Project)



(US$3.6 million)







Mainstreaming Prevention and Control of Introduction and Spread of Invasive Alien Species (the  Biosecurity Project)  



(US$2 million)






Strengthening Seychelles’ Protected Area system through NGO management modalities (the PA Project)  



(US$2.1 million)

















Enabling Seychelles to prepare its Second National Communication as a response to its commitments under the UNFCCC (SNC Project)  



(US$ 405,000)


Grid-Connected Rooftop Photovoltaic Systems Project (the PV Project)  


(US$ 1.2 million)










Capacity Development for Sustainable Land Management in Seychelles (the SLM Project)












Capacity Development for Improved National and International Environmental Management in Seychelles (the CB2 project) 



To integrate biodiversity conservation objectives into key production sectors of the economy – tourism and fisheries              










Increased capacities to prevent and control the introduction and spread of Invasive Alien Species through Trade, Travel and Transport across the Production Landscape.








Facilitate working partnerships between diverse Government and non-government partners in the planning and management of the protected area system in Seychelles        



















Strengthen technical and institutional capacity to assist Seychelles in mainstreaming climate change concerns into sectoral and national development priorities.   





Increased use of grid-connected rooftop photovoltaic (PV) systems as a sustainable means of generating electricity in selected main islands and smaller islands of Seychelles.











Enhanced capacity in Sustainable Land Management (SLM) and SLM principles applied in national policies, .plans, processesand practices











To integrate local and global environmental management and enhance the capacity to implement global environmental management objectives within national programmes.






Ministry of Land Use & Housing (MLUH)

Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA)

Seychelles Tourism Board (STB)

Seychelles Hospitality & Tourism  Association (SHTA)

Department of Environment (DOE)

Environmental NGOs

Island Development Company (IDC)

Praslin Fishers Association      


Seychelles Agricultural Agency        

Environmental Health


Department of Environment

Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority

Immigration Division

Ministry of Investment, Natural Resources and Industries

Environmental NGOs


Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA)

Ministry of Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy  (MHAETE)

Department of Environment (DOE)

Attorney General (AG)

Seychelles Fishing Authority(SFA)

Green Island Foundation (GIF)

Marine Conservation Society Seychelles (MCSS)

Nature Seychelles (NS)

Seychelles Island Foundation (SIF)

Fisheries Associations

Private island owners (Denis and North Islands)     

Ministry of Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy (MHAETE)

United Nationas Development Programme

National experts from key sectors


Energy Commission

Ministry of Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy (MHAETE)

Public Utilities Corporation (PUC)

National Climate Change Committee

Seychelles Institute of Technology

United Nations Development Programme

Seychelles Petroleum Company (SEPEC)

MASDAR (a Dubai-based company, active in renewable energy development in the Seychelles)

GDFSUEZ  (the French multinational corporation that will be involved in the electricity sector with major experience in small island states)

Sustainability for Seychelles (an NGO)


Seychelles National Parks Authority (SNPA)

Ministry of Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy (MHAETE)

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Land Use and Housing

Seychelles Agricultural Agency (SAA)


Farmers Association 

Food and Agricultural Organization   Capacity Development


Ministry of Home Affairs, Environment, Transport and Energy (MHAETE)

Ministry of Land Use and Housing (MLUH)

Planning Authority

Seychelles Institute of Management (SIM)

University of Seychelles

Environmental NGOs

Liaison Unit of NGOs (LUNGOS)

Private sector

Local communities

Private land owners



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