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Welcome to the GOS-UNDP-GEF Programme Coordination Unit (PCU), a dynamic local management system for the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) environmental programme in Seychelles.

Established in 2008, our role is to ensure the effective coordination and implementation of UNDP-GEF environment and energy funded projects, which are executed by the Government of Seychelles through the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change. To date, we have implemented projects with grants received from the GEF of over $10 million with primary focus on the protection of Seychelles environment and unique biodiversity. More recently, we have broadened our responsibilities to also implement and coordinate an Adaptation Fund project, and we are working to establish links with other donors, including Green Climate Fund, UNEP and World Bank>>Read More

Latest PCU News

  • Management planning for protected areas in Seychelles
  • Cooling system for Victoria under discussion
  • Primary teachers learn how to educate students on energy efficiency and renewable energy
  • Public Responds positively to national LED campaign
  • Conservation staff trained in coral reef monitoring techniques
  • Seychelles Nation 08-May-2017 - Well-managed protected areas are central to the achievement of the Seychelles National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan 2015 —2020, the global Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Sustainable Development…
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  • Promoting energy efficiency Seychelles Nation 27-April-2017 - A six-month feasibility study to assess the potential of having a centralised cooling system for Victoria has been conducted and the preliminary findings were…
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  • Seychelles Nation 25-April-2017 - Around 50 teachers from all 25 primary schools across Seychelles took part in a workshop to get an in-depth knowledge about energy efficiency. The workshop, organised under the…
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  • Seychelles Nation 24-April-2017 - Quite a number of people queued up at the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) hypermarket on Saturday to have their traditional incandescent light bulbs exchanged for LED light…
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  • Seychelles Nation 10-April-2017 - Coral reefs ‒ alongside sea grass beds, mangroves, lagoons and banks ‒ are key marine habitats in the outer islands of the Seychelles. Corals accumulate carbon and build…
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